živý přenos      Streaming is the ideal tool for spreading the information to viewers anywhere in the world "live". Its advantage is the access to event on all devices with internet access. It doesn’t matter if you are sitting in front of the computer at work, in the park with a mobile phone or at home watching your smart TV. You can watch the stream delayed for just a few seconds.


Live streaming is an easy way to reach a wide audience. You may mark the stream as Public, Unlisted to limit access to those who have the link, or Private to limit access to a specific list of people.


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As one of the few we are able to offer streaming in Full-HD resolution while simultaneously streaming in all lower qualities. It is therefore possible to watch the video in full quality on your PC or TV, but also with weaker connection on a mobile phone. We are not limited with the streaming content and also we can offer unlimited aggregation! Did you miss the beginning? Don’t worry! Our live streaming allows delayed watching! You can rewind back or return to the live broadcast! You can also expose the stream on your own website.


Optimal use of streaming:

livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Cultural and sport events
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Fashion shows
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Concerts
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Press conferences
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Streaming of medical surgeries
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Training of employees / customers
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Business meetings
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Stream of city council meetings, community or government authorities

Advantages of Streaming:

livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Immediate mediation of current event
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     wide audience impact
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Secure access to the stream
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Availability worldwide
livecast_T_bílá_206x206     Small financial demands

Online přenos - řetězec

Realizace online přenosu

Realization of live streaming

Events are mostly broadcasted with two up to four cameras (our wireless cameras may also be included). The whole camera crew and the editor are interconnected with the intercom, what dramatically helps to secure professional looking stream. All signals from cameras, presentations and microphones are mixed together and sent to encoder, where the signal is being encoded to a correct format for the internet.

The whole stream can be recorded in Full-HD quality straight from the live mixer. This option brings you high quality edited result right after the show.

Sample streaming statistics:
ukázka statistiky.xls