natáčení     System for wireless video transmission is used everywhere, where the cable can’t be used. Because the transmission distance might be up to kilometers, it’s use is very wide.  It’s often used on sport events, concerts, TV broadcasting, film shooting or supervision of Public Safety & Homeland Security.

     As a leader in wireless technologies Vislink-Gigawave is a supplier of systems for F1, MotoGP, DTM, golf PGA and was used on London olympic games.

wireless camera

How it works

Wireless system consists of a transmitter, which is fixed to the camera, receiving antennas and down converters which are capable of converting the signal from the air to the UHF signal for the receiver. The image can be transmitted in both SD and full HD quality, along with audio via embedded SDI, AES, analog (2xXLR) or HDMI.

Broadcast equipment doesn’t use the free frequencies 2,4GHz or 5,8GHz, but works on a special freq. given by the telecommunication authority office. That is the key to undisturbed transmission.

The whole system can be complemented by wireless camera corrections, power booster, filters - typically 3G/UMTS, spectrum analyzer etc.

Gigawave Promo Video

Vislink - Gigawave je hlavním dodavatelem bezdrátových technologií pro motocyklové závody MotoGP