natáčení         As a leader in wireless technologies Vislink-Gigawave is a supplier of systems for F1, MotoGP, DTM, golf PGA and was used on London olympic games.



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Gigawave ClipOn 4 - piece of excellence

Superb and revolutionary system HD Clip On 4 with NEL coding technology, elevates the picture quality compared to conventional H.264 encoding to a whole new level. In conjunction with our FULL HD Sony XDCAM cameras, the highest demands of broadcast transmission is secured.

The entire system can be supplemented by CCU, a wireless camera correction unit, which makes wireless color correction and aperture from the OB van possible.

Because of quality we provide, we have secured a number of large events for Czech and international live broadcasts (Prague Primátorky 2014, 2015, ME canoeing in 2015 in Racice, 4x half marathon etc.)

Vislink Herocast

Vislink Herocast - the smallest and lightest transmitter of the world

This is the smallest available wireless broadcast quality system. Herocast is small enough to be worn or mounted where it has not yet been possible thus allowing a unique view on sports or cultural events. With the size of GoPro cameras it also uses the same GoPro mounts and brackets. It’s very often used on sport events or concerts.

We have the only Herocast in Czech republic!


Vislink Focal Point - the most advanced camera control unit

The newest product from Vislink. Thanks to separated indoor and outdoor unit (transmitter) and their option of fiber connectivity, the camera control over long distances became possible. Also a massive 5W transmitting power ensures of seamless working condition.

We have the only Focal Point in Czech republic!


We are able to broadcast from drones, DLSRs and smaller cameras!!!

We can turn the DLSR to a wireless camera with HD-SDI output.



Využití Herocast je možné vidět na následujících videích